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The Best Medicine for Treating Ticks and Fleas in Cats There are many diseases carried by ticks and fleas. They can transmit tapeworms and also cause allergic reactions. The allergic reactions may lead to loss of hair, infections and also body scratching in cats. Lyme is a serious disease that affects cats when attacked by ticks. However, it is never common. Some of the symptoms of this disease are lameness, swollen joints, and fever. Shampoos that are formulated in a particular way, certain powders, spray and also dips makes good remedies for ticks and fleas attack in cats. Shampoos clean away dirt and kill the fleas that often bite. Sprays are dips basically eliminate residues and fleas. Sprays perform the same task as the powders. There exist medicine in the market that is capable of halting the growth of ticks and fleas. Even after the pests are eliminated from your cat, you should continue using the medicine. Collars and spot ons are example of products that can also eliminate ticks and fleas from your cat. No matter the stage in which the flea is in, spot-on is capable of eliminating it. It also prevents the ticks from transmitting the Lyme disease. This pesticide eliminates fleas within twelve hours and is functional for one month. The medications never have any side effects on cats. Collars mainly prevent the flea eggs from hatching and destroys the grown ones. You can use it to treat cats and also your house in case it is invaded by fleas. Carpets, cushions and rugs are some of the grounds that fleas like. Therefore, you should clean such places to ensure that your cat is not at risk of being infested again. Fleas are easily removed by powders and sprays. They work best on beddings, furniture and floors. Places that are so hidden should be treated using floggers. For outdoor treatment, yard sprays are the best since they are capable of keeping the pests from spreading indoors. Before you buy any tick and flea medicine for your cat, you ought to seek the help of a vet. The vet would provide you with the right prescription before buying the medicine. Generally, it is quite affordable to purchase the medicine online. However, it is best to compare the prices with that of your vet. If at all the prices are the same, you better purchase the medicine from your vet.
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If you search, you will find many online drugstores. You only have to consider their shipping costs as this will significantly affect the amount of money you will spend. After finding the most appropriate pharmacy, you can place your order. The prescriptions should be the ones that your vet provided.A 10-Point Plan for Pets (Without Being Overwhelmed)