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Popular Wedding Venues That Never Go Out of Style

When it comes to weddings, venue is a very essential part of the planning. The venue is the area where the whole wedding ceremony takes place. The wedding venue might be exclusive to the wedding ceremony alone or used for other parts of the wedding like the reception. Since wedding first started, there are millions if not billions of couples who got married through centuries all over the world. With so many weddings, several wedding venues are being used all the time. There is also a small number of weddings held in other wedding venues. There is a few wedding venues that have become common. Nonetheless, there are venues which are used by numerous weddings but are still popular nowadays. Here are the popular wedding venues that never go out of style.

1. Beach resort – As long as there is a coast, you can expect a wedding will be held in some of its beaches. Beach is considered one of the most elegant and romantic wedding venues used around the world. Since the venue is full of sand, it is ideal to wear flat shoes or simply get married without them. The critical issue about outdoor beach wedding is the weather which could cancel the wedding so proper research about the weather is important.

2. Cathedral – Probably the oldest wedding venue that never go out of style is the church. This has always been the first choice for those couples on the same religion. Weddings are held every day across the globe on different churches. Cathedrals are the popular choice for a lot of grand weddings. Booking months before a wedding is necessary when it comes to wedding chapels. There is also the church service which is hold regularly preventing any marriage at such schedule.

3. Hot air balloon – There are also weddings done inside hot air balloons. The couple is married hundreds of feet or more up from the ground. The only downside is that only a few guests can be up in the air along with the couple during the wedding ceremony unless the couple would hire multiple hot air balloons for the wedding. Couples have to understand that there is a risk if they use the hot air balloon for their wedding venue.

4. Las Vegas – Gambling is not the only popular activity in Las Vegas, there are also hundreds of weddings done every month. Various wedding chapels are hosting multiple weddings every day. The main advantage is that these wedding chapels in Las Vegas provide complete wedding services from the reception, wedding dresses to honeymoon suites.

5. The city of Paris – You can never have a list of popular wedding venues without including the city of love, Paris. Couples from around the world go to Paris to get married in their grand cathedrals or various destination places including the Eifel Tower.

Wedding venues might be stressful to choose from but if you start from the above options, you are in the right direction.